JULY 15, 2019

Sharing the Gospel & Sharing Your Life

Just as a nursing mother cares for her children, so we cared for you. Because we loved you so much, we were delighted to share with you not only the gospel of God but our lives as well.

1 Thessalonians 2:7b-8 (NIV)

One of the fundamental truths of our gospel (good news) is that God became a man and lived with us. In the midst of lofty sermons of spiritual insight and incredible miracles, the Gospels tell us of everyday things Jesus did–go to weddings, eat dinner, and take naps. Why include such mundane details? Because central to Jesus’ strategy of making disciples was to live life with people, the everyday stuff. Jesus instilled a principle in His followers that rings true to this day: truth travels best the road of relationships.

Paul clearly followed in Jesus’ footsteps as he ministered to the people of Thessalonica. As Paul reminds the believers there how he had shared both the gospel and his life with them, he says the reason he was delighted to do so was his love for them. Effective evangelism is always rooted in love for lost people. 

We often speak about “sharing the gospel” with people and for good reason! It is our priority as Christ-followers to tell people the good news we have encountered. And, the Scriptures do not just tell us what we should tell people but also how we should tell them. Truth is not just to be discussed and debated but also demonstrated. To be imitators of Christ, we must share our lives with people in genuine friendship that is rooted in love. Take a look at this story of how something as simple as a genuine friendship led to a life transformed by Jesus.

When we take the time to enter into people’s world and walk with them in a loving, committed way, we show them what Jesus is like. We earn the right to be heard. At Fellowship, we could choose to have one superbly gifted evangelist and rally as many people as possible to come hear that one person share the gospel. However, a commitment to producing and releasing spiritual leaders compels us instead to dream of an entire congregation of evangelists released to make genuine friendships with non-believers. To model the love of Jesus. To tell the story of life-change and share their faith with an unbelieving world.

How would that look in your life? How would that work in your community group? Dream a bit. Imagine if every week you gathered, every person had a non-believing friend to pray for. Imagine if throughout the year, every group was praying for, loving, and reaching more people like Hua. Imagine what Jesus would do through a congregation released to share both their faith and their lives.

Next Steps

Every blog will have a next steps section. In this section we will provide some practical resources to help you grow as a leader. Here are just a few:

Take a Class

Study in Community

Adopt an International Student

Meet with an international student at least once a month.

  • U of A’s iFriend program: ifriend@uark.edu, 479-575-6665
  • NWACC’s Friendship Families program: Lou Lo, llo@nwacc.edu, 479-986-4069

Read a Book


  1. Russell Holland

    Thanks, but I’m not sure I belong on this email list. Not currently in a leadership position.
    Russ Holland

    • fellowshipblog

      Hello Russ! At Fellowship, we believe every follower of Christ has the capacity for significant influence for the Gospel. Our mission is focused on this idea, that we all have the capacity for spiritual leadership. We welcome you to join in the conversation…you’re in good company!

    • Jennifer

      I think the point of the article is that believers are in a position to be spiritual leaders to a world that doesn’t know Christ.

  2. Larry Watkins

    Love this!!! Thank you for posting!!

  3. Roseanna Presley

    I love this! Certainly would like to see more of this…ALL of this!


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