AugusT 13, 2019

The Necessity of Small Group Gatherings

When I was a freshman in high school, my dad allowed me to borrow the family car if I planned to attend church activities. Driving the car gave me a sense of importance and self-imagined maturity, so I attended almost every church event offered. And I never failed to “drag” main street a few times before and after attending. I’m sure you never did anything like that…

I distinctly remember one year when our church was preparing for a revival meeting and the pastor decided (along with the deacons, I’m sure) that rather than gather at the church building on Wednesday evenings, we would meet in homes for prayer. Now, it was a big deal to not have our prayer time at the church as regularly scheduled. But the home gatherings turned out to be VERY successful. People seemed to enjoy meeting in one another’s houses to fellowship and pray together. And the variety of locations gave me the opportunity to explore new destinations in the family car too!

Everything was going so well that I made the mistake of making a different suggestion to one of the deacons. While we were talking at the close of one of these meetings, I recommended that it would be a good idea to host small groups in homes every week, rather than go back to meetings held only at the church on Wednesday evenings. I was immediately scolded and put in my place. “These home gatherings,” I was told, “were temporary; we have always met at the church building on Wednesday nights.” This reaction made me wonder how people could ever get saved on a Wednesday if there was no one at the church!

Well, I think God was planting seeds within me that would only come to fruition when I became acquainted with Fellowship’s model of ministry. Small group ministry is the lifeblood of Fellowship. Our identity and effectiveness would be compromised if we ceased to recognize small groups as vital to the health of our church body. When we meet in homes in small groups, something special happens as we explore TRUTH, enjoy RELATIONSHIPS with others, and find a measure of needed ACCOUNTABILITY. Truth, relationships, and accountability in the context of small group ministry is a vital link in Fellowship’s DNA.

In my first small group at Fellowship Bible Church in Little Rock, our leader called me weekly to ask how he might pray for Denise and me. I will never forget the sincerity of his voice on the other end of the line. When I think of all the people I have gotten to know through small group ministry in my years here at Fellowship, I know I could still call on any of them for help or prayer, day or night.

If you’ve neglected to get involved in a small group here at Fellowship, this fall is the time to change all that. Don’t fool yourself into thinking you’re too busy this year. Our Community Pastors are ready, willing, and able to get you connected in this life-changing, essential ministry of Fellowship.

Take a moment to watch this video of how small groups completely transformed a family’s life. Also, check out the section below for next steps you can take to get involved in community with other people. 

Next Steps

Every blog will have a next steps section. In this section we will provide some practical resources to help you grow as a leader. Here are just a few:

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  1. Anna Stone

    I’m new to Fellowship, I’m single and I’m my mid fifties. I’m looking to make a connection with new friends. Would the “Discover Fellowship” be a good small group for me?
    Thank you for your time!

    • fellowshipblog

      Yes! Discover Fellowship is a GREAT first step toward getting connected at Fellowship. Also, stop by the Info Booth in the center of the foyer in between services on the weekend. We’d love to meet you and connect you with your community pastor/shepherd.


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