November 30, 2019

Living a Life of Devotion

One of the things I love about leading Discover Fellowship small groups is the chance to see our church through “fresh eyes.” Hearing how a person new to Fellowship views and understands things often helps me uncover blind spots of my own. One night a young lady fresh out of college, and now working at her first job, shared that she had been very confused by some of our Fellowship lingo. She said that she had asked someone how she could get closer to God. “Have a quiet time!” they replied. She had never heard that phrase before.

“I have to be honest,” she said, “I’m not sure what that means.” Undaunted, the well-meaning church person said, “Have a devotional! Just get in the Word.” Too embarrassed to admit that she had no idea what this friendly person was talking about, the lady said thanks and went for several more months without understanding this critical step toward a closer walk with the Lord.

As seen in Austin Kuklenski’s story (video above), pursuing a closer walk with God starts with spending time reading His written Word to us, the Bible, and talking with Him in prayer. In Discover Fellowship, we equate these two practices with eating (consuming God’s Word, Matt 4:4), breathing (exhaling confession, 1 John 1:9), and being filled with the Holy Spirit (through prayer, Eph 5:18). My prayer is that we all would experience the joy of growing in these basic rhythms of spiritual health. “Clarity,” the yearlong study we are inviting the whole church to engage in, is designed to help us in that pursuit. Are you eating right and breathing well? In other words, are you spending time reading your Bible and praying every day? If this is a growth area for you, each week of our Clarity series you will find daily readings, a suggested prayer, and a devotional to frame your week of Bible study.

Advent is a great place to start. As we remember the anticipation before the birth of King Jesus (Luke 2:25), we are reminded that we are waiting still for His return (Matt 24:42). I want to invite, encourage, and even beg you to join us in the journey that will be the “Clarity” experience. A life of devotion is not the ultimate goal; it is the means to an end. The ultimate hope for “Clarity” is that we will see, know, and experience Jesus more clearly.

Next Steps

Clarity is a year-long experience helping us to see Jesus clearly, beginning Dec 1, 2019. We hope to seek Christ individually and collectively, having a unified vision of what it means to know and follow Jesus. How would the church look different if everyone was on the same journey, with the same mission, reading the same Scriptures, and talking about Jesus together?

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Invite Others

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    So Good Michael!

    • Sophie

      Very encouraging. God bless.

  2. Kathy Hardy

    GREAT words Michael AND GREAT suggestions at the end for devos.


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